10. Appoint a designated driver

If you plan to drink, plan not to drive.

Even if your alcohol tester tells you that you’re below the legal limit, it’s never safe to go behind the wheel when you have alcohol in your system. Breathalysers should be used as a guide only, not as a tool to drink and drive.

Have a designated driver available who will not be drinking alcohol at all and will drive all drinkers home. Otherwise, catch a cab home or crash on a mate’s couch.

Bonus tip: How to avoid a hangover

“If you’re trying to avoid a hangover, stick to clear liquids like vodka over dark liquids like whiskey,” Dr. Xenos says.

A few experimental studies have found that beverages containing the highest amounts of congeners (naturally-occurring by-products of distilling and fermenting that are present in higher levels in dark alcohols) result in more severe hangovers.

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