Coronavirus and the use of breathalysers

The following guidelines on breathalyser use are for those who wish to continue to perform drug and alcohol testing in the workplace.

Since only a fraction of the breath sample will actually enter the sensors inside the device, and subjects are not sucking in air from inside the device, the likelihood of cross contamination from using the device is minimal. However, during the testing process, there is potential for the virus to be spread around the testing room so precautions must be taken.

Adhere to guidelines on social distancing

All drug and alcohol testing in the workplace should be done whilst adhering to health authority guidelines. This means that social distancing should be observed. It is suggested that should drug and alcohol testing continue to be enforced in the workplace, there should only be the tester and the testee present in the room.

Wear gloves and masks

If you are a drug and alcohol tester, please ensure that you wear gloves to avoid direct touch with used mouthpieces and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. Facial masks and safety goggles should also be worn as a precaution.

Use a new mouthpiece each time

Only new mouthpieces still in plastic should be used. When a breath sample is being provided, ensure that the air output port (on the mouthpiece) is pointed away from others. The testee should dispose of the mouthpiece straight into the bin after a test. The mouthpiece should not be handled by the tester.

Wash hands and disinfect if needed

Upon completion of the test, both parties should wash their hands thoroughly. Any surfaces touched by the testee should be wiped down with disinfectant before the next test.

Do not share personal breathalysers

For personal use breathalysers, it is highly recommended that the breathalysers are not shared with others even when new mouthpieces are used. This is because many personal breathalysers have inbuilt internal mouthpieces and breath samples are passed through this. When a breath sample is being provided, ensure that the air output port is pointed away from others.

We'd like to extend our gratitude to Prof. Mark Walker, Director of the Australian Infectious Disease Research Centre (AID), for his help in developing advice on better hygienic use of our breathalysers and precautions with us.

More information about coronavirus and what you can do can be found on the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services Website.

DISCLAIMER: The guidelines above serves as a suggestion on reducing probability of the transmission of infection viruses. Andatech shall not be responsible or liable for any transmission or contraction of infectious viruses through the use or conduct of drug and alcohol testing kits.

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