Best Father’s Day Gift for Dads Who Drink

Still looking for the perfect Father’s Day Gift for your dad? Most Dads love a drink, whether it’s an ice cold beer after a long day at the office, or a Sunday afternoon whiskey in his favourite chair. Indulge his favourite past time this Father’s Day, with this selection of gifts for the Dad who likes his tipple.

If he fancies himself as a bit of a lad, this beer pong table will hit the right note with your Dad. He can load up on beers, call his mates round and get a tournament going. The best part is, he might let you borrow it.

For the Dad that loves to host, the Antique Globe Drink Trolley is sure to set any party off on the right foot. With a gorgeous old-world feel and plenty of space for storage, this is the perfect addition to your old man’s drinking den.

These elegant port sippers are perfect for the sophisticated Dad. The precise shape of the vessel is designed to compliment a fine port, allowing its flavours and aromas to sing.

Any whiskey-loving Dad would be thrilled with this decanter and glass set. With all the style and elegance he deserves, this gift will also look great on display in the dining room when not in use.

If your Dad loves his beer, he’ll be wowed by the Fizzics Beer Dispenser, a nifty device that will give his IPAs, pilsners, ales, stouts and lagers that frothy head and creamy texture, even though they came from a bottle or can.

A personal breathalyser is a great gift for the drinking Dad to ensure he remains within the legal drink drive limit. The AlcoSense Elite 3 personal breathalyser, as accurate as it is sleek and stylish, your Dad will never risk getting behind the wheel after one too many again.

For the Dad who has a soft spot for booze, these gifts are sure to delight. Have another Father’s Day Gift to recommend for dads who love to drink? Tell us in the comments below!

Josephine Gan

As our Customer Service Manager, Josephine has a great understanding of people- which is not surprising, given that her major is in Psychology. She is able to transfer her friendly demeanour into our safety and support related posts for our products, as well as to provide information on drinking and how it may affect your health.


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