Should You Outsource Your Alcohol & Drug Testing?

Drug and alcohol testing is much more prevalent today than ever before. Many businesses now require employees to go through drug screening, which results in a continuous stream of people looking for fast, quick, and accurate test results.

Using Australian Standards Certified breathalysers and drug testing kits are ever so important, but companies who lack the manpower and budget to conduct their own alcohol and drug testing in-house may find that outsourcing this tedious task to a third party is easier and more cost- and time-effective.

Understanding this need, Andatech is now conducting drug and alcohol testing for small to large companies in Victoria.

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If your company is finding it difficult to conduct your own alcohol and drug testing in-house, here’s 4 reasons why you should consider outsourcing your drug and alcohol testing to a third party –

1. Quality Control Standards

If an employee shows a non-negative result on a preliminary drug test, a confirmatory urine test is required. Urine samples typically need to be sent to a lab for testing and reporting, and employers considering conducting drug testing in-house must either have these facilities available, or hire a laboratory to do so.

This not only adds to administrative hassle and costs, but can also increase the chances of tampering with the result, especially if the correct conditions are not met when transporting the samples from the collection site to the lab.

Andatech’s alcohol and drug testing team follow a very stringent process from specimen collection to results reporting.

Our trained professionals abide strictly to a chain of custody procedure to ensure the integrity of the specimens and the test results are not compromised. Our collectors are fully certified and accredited with a registered RTO.

The certifications include HLTPAT304D (Collect pathology specimens other than blood) and HLTPAT410D (Collect pathology specimens other than blood for specialised testing).

Other than that, we use only Australian Standards Certified testing equipment for test procedures.

For alcohol breath testing, we use AlcoSense Industrial Breathalysers, which are manufactured and calibrated to Australian Standards AS3547 to ensure the most accurate results.

Our drug testing kits are also Australian Standards AS4760 (Saliva drug tests) and AS4308 (Urine drug tests) certified and able to test for all major drug groups, including marijuana, opiates, heroine, cocaine, methamphetamine, and amphetamines.

2. Cost Savings

The costs of in-house drug testing would include not only hard costs such as alcohol and drug testing kits and a laboratory for analysis; a drug testing program must also be administered by a staff member.

For companies with multiple locations, that could include dealing with multiple labs, collection sites, billing for services, and a myriad of administrative details.

By outsourcing your drug testing, you can utilise just one source to oversee and perform all aspects of a drug testing program – from the policy, to collection, analysis, and reporting – saving you potentially thousands of dollars in set-up and equipment costs, not to mention employee time.

Andatech offers a drug and alcohol testing service suited to companies both large and small.

Additionally, we supply all the testing kits, and can conduct the testing every 6 months or at any frequency that is mandated by your company policy.

With a minimum requirement of just 5 employees for testing, our drug and alcohol testing management plans are designed to cater to small teams as well as larger companies, while remaining cost-effective.

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3. Saves Valuable Employee Time

Drug testing in general is not a core function of the Human Resources or OH&S departments, especially when standard policies only require employee drug testing on a monthly or six-monthly basis.

Rather than hiring new staff just for drug test collection, or training existing staff on proper procedures, it is much more cost- and time-effective in the long run to outsource this task to professionals who are already trained and accredited to do so.

Andatech offers dependable turnaround times for all your drug test results. Breath test results are available immediately with results available as a print-out or in the device itself (test results can be exported to a computer for your records).

Saliva drug test results are available within 10 minutes of testing. In a non-negative test result scenario, a confirmatory test with a urine drug test is required and sent to a pathology lab for testing, and can be confirmed in 1-2 business days.

4. Unbiased drug testing

Most employers or colleagues would feel uncomfortable standing in the bathroom while an employee deposits a urine sample into a collection cup.

Additionally, if the employee and employer or staff are of different sexes, then there may be legal consequences in such an action.

Employers who make the decision to outsource their drug testing do not have to worry about accusations or integrity concerns as professionals collecting the samples to be tested are neutral parties who do not personally know your employee, ensuring that the results are accurate and unbiased.

In addition, it can ensure that no tampering with the sample is possible.

Should you outsource your drug and alcohol testing?

If you find that your current alcohol and drug testing procedures are taking too much of your staff’s time, or costing the company more than expected, it may be wise to consider outsourcing it.

Or, if you haven’t yet introduced a drug and alcohol policy in your company and are considering implementing one, hiring a third party to do so for you may save you the hassle of doing your own research or coming up with a policy of your own.

We are offering free advice and quotes to companies thinking about third party drug testing.

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