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What is alcoholism and how to prevent it

Alcoholism occurs when a person drinks so much that their body eventually becomes dependent or addicted to alcohol....

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Keep active at work to stay healthy

With 50% of workers reporting that they are sitting for most of the time that they’re at work, Safe Work Australia...

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Understanding Binge Drinking and its Effects

Binge drinking effects are not only short term – its impact on our health can last for a lifetime as well....

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What we can learn from the Breathometer recall

Very recently, a personal breathalyzer company in the US, Breathometer, was ordered to recall their devices and pay...

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Why is drink driving considered unsafe?

Alcohol has a substantial effect on a person’s judgment, coordination, reaction time, concentration, and vision,...

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Tips to Drive Safely in Severe Weather

Brace yourselves – there’s going to be somebad weather in Australia this winter! Before you get hit by the gales,...

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Workplace Alcohol and Drug Testing Policy Tips

Andatech’s Andrew Smith was interviewed recently for an article by OHS Professional Magazine on alcohol and drug...

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Coronavirus and the use of breathalysers

The following guidelines on breathalyser use are for those who wish to continue to perform drug and alcohol testing...

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Should we drink alcohol in front of our children?

Parents’ drinking behaviours can influence a child’s relationship with alcohol. Children imitate what they see at...

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Misleading Advertorial for “Safe Driving Breathalyzer”

We recently came across an advertorial for “Safe Driving Breathalyzer” on the Sydney Morning Herald online and were...

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