What Happens When You're Drunk (Infographic)

We all love our alcohol- picture this: you're having a night out with your mates, hopping from pub to pub, and start to feel a little giddy. Sure, we may know that we're starting to become tipsy and that the alcohol is starting to take effect, but what really goes on within our body during this period of time, especially when you keep going?

This quick and easy infographic will show you what happens to your body when you drink too much. Just remember that everything mentioned is preventable, so do drink with care- enjoy!



Eugene Ng

Eugene Ng

With a double major in both Criminology and International Relations, Eugene has an idea as to what alcohol and drug use may lead to. His informative blog posts focus on alcohol and drug use and its effects on various industries and society. As part of Andatech's marketing team, Eugene also posts regularly on new products, announcements, and the latest news.