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3 Exciting New Products

Andatech is pleased to announce three new products have been added to its Home & Wellness and Safety ranges: a...

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The ‘new normal’ basics just a click away

Masks and temperature checks are the new normal and Andatech’s MedSense range of medical-grade masks and non-contact...

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Charities gratefully accept Andatech donations

Charities whose staff and volunteers need to wear a mask were greatly appreciative of a recent donation of...

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Australian Standards AS3547:2019 - FAQs

With the Australian Standards AS3547:2019 updates to breath alcohol testing devices, we understand that you may have...

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Drug detection times

Drug drivers are on notice this year, with several state governments in Australia increasing roadside drug testing...

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Should You Outsource Your Alcohol & Drug Testing?

Drug and alcohol testing is much more prevalent today than ever before. Many businesses now require employees to go...

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How to use a breathalyser (the correct way)

We've received quite a number of customer service calls mentioning that breathalysers that have been purchased from...

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Text messages to help curb binge drinking

Can a personalised text message help you control binge drinking? A recent study thinks it can.

Early this year,...

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Announcement: Andatech Hub upgrade to CalTrace

As part of our continuous commitment to provide better services and experience to our valued clients, we have been...

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What is alcoholism and how to prevent it

Alcoholism occurs when a person drinks so much that their body eventually becomes dependent or addicted to alcohol....

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